Abeka Curriculum

Abeka Curriculum


The Abeka Curriculum gives our children a firm foundation through basic principles established from the Bible. This curriculum is known and respected among Christian
leaders and sets the standard in traditional education. The Abeka Curriculum emphasizes the following:

* Clear teaching of the Bible through stories and memorization of Scripture.

* Learning History and Geography from a Christian perspective with a patriotic character-building content.


* Teaching Arithmetic using a traditional, spiral review approach to help students develop thinking skills for 
  daily living.

* Presenting Science and Health through traditional principles of Creation.

* Providing the finest tools of communication through language by teaching grammar, spelling, vocabulary, composition and literature.

Christian Education

You are to be commended for choosing Christian education for your children. We know you want the very best for them and are willing to make the financial sacrifice, if necessary, in order to provice a quality education as well as a safe and friendly environment for their learning.

Aside from receiving the knowledge and skills needed to succeed, an added bonus is the fact that the Biblical and spiritual principles learned at home and church will be reinforced with a Christian education.

Once you have looked over our material, we are certain that you will determine that Grace Christian School is the place where you can confidently entrust that your child's educational needs will be met.

Please feel free to contact our office if we can be of further assistance.

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